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The Dottie Burman and John Wallowitch Awards

John Wallowitch and Dottie Burman were beloved songwriters in the cabaret community. When Dottie Burman passed away, her estate bequeathed $5,000 dollars to MAC to set up a songwriting competition in her name that would award a cash prize to songwriters/composers over the age of 40 who have not yet received recognition for their writing talents. The MAC Board passed a motion to create a matching award in John Wallowitch’s name to honor songwriters under 40.  Songwriters’ submissions are accepted in the fall, and finalists are chosen by a panel of judges.  The final decision is made by a celebrity judge from the world of cabaret.  Past judges include Julie Gold (2023) Nikki M. James (2022), Joe Iconis (2021), John McDaniel (2021), Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich (2020), Sharon McNight (2017) Barb Jungr (2014), Lauren Molina (2013), Ann Hampton Callaway (2012), and Karen Mason (2011). 

Annual Finalist & Winners

Winners in Bold

2023 Dottie Burman Award

Kevin Kelso and Hillary Rollins
Diana Lawrence
Ethan Tarasov

2023 John Wallowitch Award

Alanya Bridge
Sonya Hayden
Billy Reece

2022 Dottie Burman Award

D.C. Anderson and Steven Landau
John Cook
John Forster

2021 Dottie Burman Award

Bob Levy
Alyce Finell
Jeff Thomson and Jordan Mann

2020 Dottie Burman Award

Daniel Cainer
Lara Cody and Mark Vogel
Larry Kerchner
Hillary Rollins and Matthew Levine

2022 John Wallowitch Award

Jordan Friend
Nicole Zuriatis
Anson Jones

2021 John Wallowitch Award

Alex Goldie Golden
Billy Recce
Adam Wachter

2020 John Wallowitch Award

Danny Bernstein
Danny Ursetti and Jared Corak
JJ Warshaw and Nicholas Parker

2017 Dottie Burman Award

Michael Dansicker
Larry Kerchner
Ilene Reid & Michael Heitzman

2017 John Wallowitch Award

Alanya Bridge
Ryan Korell & Jonathan Keebler
Joel B. New

2016 Dottie Burman Award

Ben Schaechter & Dan Kael
Michael Dansicker
Michael Colby & Paul Katz
Peter Saxe

2016 John Wallowitch Award

Blake Pfeil
Nora Terzo
Will Van Dkye
Ben Roseberry & Chip Klose

2015 Dottie Burman Award

Cathy Lombardi and Craig Baldwin
Lisa DeSpain
Stuart McMeans

2015 John Wallowitch Award

Patrick Dwyer
Nadav Wiesel
Alexander Sage Oyen
Scott Evan Davis

2014 Dottie Burman Award

Harriet Goldberg
Michael Colby and Paul Katz
Nicholas Levin
Dennis Livingston

2014 John Wallowitch Award

Sam Carner and Derek Gregor
Scott Evan Davis
Daniel Mate
Rachel Peters

2013 Dottie Burman Award

Amanda Yesnowitz and Deborah Abramson
Harriet Goldberg and Elise Morris

2013 John Wallowitch Award

Shaina Taub
Scott Evan Davis
Jeff Thomson & Jordan Mann

2012 Dottie Burman Award

Sammy Buck and Dan Acquisto
Derek Fox and Lois Morton

2012 John Wallowitch Award

Sam Willmott
Patrick Dwyer and Alexander Sage Oyen

2011 Dottie Burman Award

Amy Englehart
Krisanthi Pappas and Jay Zimmerman

2011 John Wallowitch Award

Drew Fornarola
Kevin Fogarty
Amanda Yesnowitz and Brian Cimmet

2010 Dottie Burman Award

Kenneth Jones and Gerald Stockstill
Juliana Davis and Lois Morton

2010 John Wallowitch Award

Joe Iconis
Joshua H. Cohen and Joey Contreras

2009 Dottie Burman Award

Brett Kristofferson

2009 John Wallowitch Award

Adam Gwon