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Roy Sander has been covering cabaret and theatre for 25 years, writing reviews and commentary for seven print publications—most prominently Back Stage—and for Citysearch on the Internet. He appeared monthly on “New York Theatre Review” on PBS-TV and weekly on WLIM-FM radio. He is a member of the Bistro Awards Committee and Chairman of the Advisory Board of MAC, and he was twice a guest instructor at the London School of Musical Theatre. He currently writes reviews for and is the site’s Reviews Editor.

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An Open Letter To The New York Times

An Open Letter to the New York Times by Roy Sander   I sent the following letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to this review, posted on July 10, 2006 To the Editor: At the close of his recent review of Brandon Cutrell (New York Times, July 10) Stephen Holden characterized Mr…. Read More →

A Few Basics

A Few Basics by Roy Sander A singer in Australia who is preparing to do her first solo cabaret show sent me an e-mail asking a few basic questions. I answered her directly—but it occurred to me that the issues she raised might be of more general interest, so I thought I’d address them in… Read More →

Shooting Oneself In The Foot

Shooting Oneself in the Foot or How to Make a Sow’s Ear out of a Silk Purse by Roy Sander It’s one thing when performers miss their mark because of a shortage of talent—that is, of course, regrettable. But it is especially frustrating to see talented artists come a cropper because of having made unfortunate… Read More →

The Metrostar Competition…Object Lessons

The MetroStar Competition…object lessons by Roy Sander I’m honored to have been asked to be one of the permanent judges at the MetroStar Talent Challenge at the Metropolitan Room each year since the inception of the competition. .This is always an exceptionally gratifying experience, and I’ve witnessed a lot of very fine work. However, over… Read More →