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Roy Sander has been covering cabaret and theatre for 25 years, writing reviews and commentary for seven print publications—most prominently Back Stage—and for Citysearch on the Internet. He appeared monthly on “New York Theatre Review” on PBS-TV and weekly on WLIM-FM radio. He is a member of the Bistro Awards Committee and Chairman of the Advisory Board of MAC, and he was twice a guest instructor at the London School of Musical Theatre. He currently writes reviews for and is the site’s Reviews Editor.

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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes by Roy Sander For this first column, I’d like to talk about mistakes I’ve observed many singers making over the past few years. They fall into two categories: (1) dropping focus and control, and (2) piano bar missteps. Dropping focus and control I’m not talking here about the demanding art of song interpretation…. Read More →

It’s Not About You

Time was when cabaret was a performing arts form in which audience members sat at tables and the people on stage had a job to do: to entertain the audience. Period. Rather simple, eh?  Alas, at some point during the past decade or so, cabaret took a wrong turn. Today, a growing number of people,… Read More →

On Directors

On Directors by Roy Sander A singer asked for my comments on directors. I’m happy to oblige. The first question is whether cabaret shows need to have a director. An analysis of the thousands of shows I have attended yields no simple, single answer. In the terrific-show category, I have probably seen just as many… Read More →

When Enough Is Enough

When Enough Is Enough by Roy Sander I’m delighted to have been asked to comment on encores. If I can help put an end to this silly convention, my life—or at least this afternoon—will have been worthwhile. I long to return to the days when encores were reserved for those very special occasions when audience… Read More →

Getting It Right… And Other Matters

Getting It Right… and other matters by Roy Sander Is it my imagination, or are cabaret singers getting increasingly sloppy with lyrics? I suspect this malpractice has long existed—it’s just that I’ve been growing increasingly impatient with it. I’m not talking about going up in a lyric; anyone can have a momentary lapse. I’m talking… Read More →

On Medleys And Other Matters

On Medleys and Other Matters by Roy Sander Medleys Let me open with a rather broadly stated observation: Too many people are doing too many medleys in too many shows. Now I’ll narrow in and expand on this. [Perversely, and yet delightfully, this oxymoronic last sentence is not self-contradictory.] By medley, I refer to any… Read More →