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2023 MAC Awards Information

The MAC Awards submissions period opens on December 1st; submissions must be received no later than January 16, 2023. Submissions are only being accepted only by email sent to [email protected].

If you want to submit for more than one category, you must submit a separate email application for each submission. Not sure which category is the best fit? Submit in the one that you feel is the most appropriate; feel free to use the comments field to explain your conundrum and/or your choice.  The eligibility committee will place you in the most appropriate category for your work and will reach out to you if there are any questions or errors.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Each category has its own application form (except the two “recording” categories, which share a form). These are writable forms, but you should first download them to your computer so you can save any work-in-progress and return to it at a later time. Please note: Piano Bar categories had a separate submission period that ended November 15th.

PLEASE pay attention to any category-specific instructions that might be in the Rules or on the form.

Click here for the Rules for the 2023 MAC Awards


Celebrity Artist


Major Duo/Group

Female Vocalist

Major Female Artist

Male Vocalist

Major Male Artist

Female NY Debut

Male NY Debut

Female Musical Comedy

Male Musical Comedy

Impersonation/Characterization/Drag Artist

Major Impersonation/Characterization/Drag Artist

Spoken Word Artist

Recurring Series

Special Production



Ensemble Instrumentalist


Musical Director

Technical Director


Comedy/Novelty Song