2016 MAC Award Winners and Nominees

Ceremony: BB King’s

Female Vocalist
Pamela Lewis
Caroline Montgomery-Forant
Tanya Moberly
Wendy A. Russell

Male Vocalist
Gary Crawford
Kristoffer Lowe
Jeff Macauley
Dorian Woodruff

Major Artist
Eric Comstock
Stacy Sullivan
Lennie Watts

Celebrity Artist
Michelle Lee
Norm Lewis
Karen Mason
Marin Mazzie

New York Debut – Female
Natalie Arneson
Helen Glassman
Rebekah Lowin

New York Debut – Male
Charles Baran
Shawn Moninger
Tom Toce

Musical Comedy
Bill Dyszel
Barbara Malley
Charlotte Patton
Molly Pope

Vocal Duo or Group
Raissa Katona Bennett and KEnneth Gartman
Savannah Brown and Chase O’Donnell
Kim Grogg and Kim Sutton

Major Vocal Duo or Group
Eric Comstock and Barbara Fasano
Barb Jungr and John McDaniel
Tracy Stark and Marcus Simeone

Special Production
Mama’s Next Big Act
Metrostar Talent Challenge
Reinhagen Redux

Tom Gamblin
Bobbie Horowitz
Dana Lorge
Susan Winter and Deb Berman

Ensemble Instrumentalist
Peter Calo – Guitar
Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf – Cello
Sean Harkness – Guitar
Tom Hubbard – Bass
Matt Scharfglass – Bass
Warren Vache – Cornet

Piano Bar Instrumentalist
Nate Buccieri
Patrick DeGennaro
Gerry Dieffenbach
William TN Hall
Brian Nash

Restaurant/Lounge Instrumentalist
Matt Baker
Clare Cooper
Lana Reign
Sheree Sano
Bill Zeffiro

Piano Bar Singer – Female
Elaine Brier
Michelle Dowdy
Tara Martinez
Jennifer Pace
Laura Pavles
Heidi Weyhmueller

Piano Bar Singer – Male
Joe Ardizzone
William Blake
Adam Chandler
Tommy J Dose
Gregg Goodbrod
Jon Satrom

Musical Director
Rick Jensen
Daryl Kojak
Tracy Stark
Steven Ray Watkins

Eric Michael Gillett
Lina Koutrakos
Tanya Moberly
Lennie Watts

Technical Director
Colette Black
Adam DeCarlo
KJ Hardy and Amanda Raymond
Abby Judd
Jonathan Mercado

Impersonation/Characterization/Drag Artist
Dorothy Bishop
Doris Dear
Jinkx Monsoon

Another Hundred People
Somewhere in this Song: The Music and Lyrics of Nicholas Levin
Turn the Beat Around

Recurring Series
It’s Just a Number
Open Mic @ The Met
Ricky Ritzel’s Broadway

“Another Time” Will Van Dyke
“Hold on Tight” Meg Flather and John Mettham
“In My Head” Gregory Jacobs-Roseman
“Somebody in Love” Marcus Goldhaber
“Soon As You Let Me Go” Andrew David Sotomayor

Special Musical Material

“The Big Apple Lingo” Krisanthi Pappas
“The Book Group” Harriet Goldberg
“The Egg Nog Song” Sam Carner and Derek Gregor
“The Mermaid and the Whale” Carolyn Montgomery- Forant and Jeff Cubeta
“Way, Way Back” Rick Bassett and Christiana Cole

Major Recording

“Lost in the Stars” Annaleigh Ashford
“Busy Being Free” Barbara Fasano
“Marcus Simeone Alone…With Tracy Stark” Marcus Simeone and Tracy Stark

Recording (the LaMott Friedman Award)

“Beautiful Songs” Maxine Linehan
“Voyages” Myriam Phiro
“Sweet Life” Jim Speake

Show of the Year

Another Hundred People
Charlie Rosen’s Big Band
Judy and Liza Together Again
Mason at Mama’s in March
The Metropolitan Room Guiness Record Attempt

The Ruth Kurtzman Benefit Award
The Jamie deRoy and Friends Cabaret Initiative at The Actor’s Fund

Hanson Award
Sally Darling

Lifetime Achievement
Amanda McBroom

Board of Directors
Maryann Lopinto