1988 MAC Awards Winners and Nominees

Ceremony: The Village Gate

Female Vocalist
Karen Mason
Claiborne Carey
Nancy Lamott
Marta Sanders
Nancy Timpanaro
Male Vocalist
Michael McAssey
Jeff Harnar
Bradshaw Smith

Major New York Music Engagement

Montgomery, Plant, and Stritch
Michael Feinstein
Margaret Whiting

Female Jazz Vocalist
Judy Barnett
Mercedes Hall
Randa MacNamara

Male Jazz Vocalist

Peter Giles
Rick McKay
John Pizzarelli
Bob Stewart

Special Musical Material

Annie Dinnerman
Murray Grand
Brian Lasser

Female Stand-Up Comic
Joy Behar
Kate Lyn Reiter
Adrienne Tolsch

Male Stand-Up Comic

Mario Cantone
Steve Hayes
Bruce Hopkins
Musical Comedy

Jamie deRoy
Howard and Drew Meet the Invisible Man
Sidney Myer

Comedy Duo

Horowitz and Spector
Collins and Friedman
Wallem and Tolan

Vocal Group
Hal and David
Comedy/Improv Group

Chicago City Limits
Bad Additudes
Off the Cuff
The Outcasts
Variety Performance
Tony Duncan
Todd Stockman

Supporting Performer

Brian Lasser
Ricky Ritzel


Buddy Barnes
Ann Hampton Callaway
Ricky RitzelJazz/Instrumentalist (tie)
Paul Greenwood
David Lahm
Wes McAfee

Jazz Instrumental Group

Wes McAfee Duo
Dean Burris Trio
Andy Stein Trio
Metric System


Grand Slam (The Songs of Murray Grand)
No Strings Attached
Dangerous Manicurist
Thanks for the Memory

Performance in a Revue (tie)

Claiborne Cary – “Grand Slam”
Nancy Timpanaro- “Grand Slam”
Margaret Wright – “Thanks for the Memory”


Jim Luzar and Ricky Ritzel – “A Man and a Piano go to Hollywood”
Howard and Drew Meet the Invisible Man
The Life and Times of Lu Rain Penny


Andy Garcia
Merle Louise
Sally Mayes
Rohn Seykell
Cayte Thorpe


Jack Wrangler
Bruce Hopkins
Jim Luzar

Technical Director
Matt Berman
Annette DiMeo
Bobby Kneeland
Shawn Moninger
Musical Director

Buddy Barnes
Brian Lasser
Robert Bendorff
Dick Gallagher

Leigh Clark
Susan Borovsky
Bruce Hopkins

Piano Bar/Lounge Performer

Jerry Scott
Danny Apolinar
Dick Gallagher

Female Impersonator

Jimmy James
Riby Rims
Ira Siff

Lifetime Achievement and Board Of Directors

Joseph Cafiero
Caroline Hirsch
Penny Landau